Prioritizing Off-Peak Recording

With a series pass, I'm wondering if there's a way to specify when an episode records, if that episode has multiple showings...

e.g. - I set a series pass for a show which airs at 8pm local time, and then the same episode airs overnight, or later in the week, at like 3am. I'd prefer the 3am recording time to keep prime time network resources available for other things (gaming, streaming, etc). However, if I have to do all this manually it negates the convenience of a series pass.

Possibility of adding an option in series pass to only record episodes airing from Time A to Time B?

Edit advance pass and add time contains 3AM.

thank you - I hadn't noticed advanced tab before! i appreciate the quick reply too!

No Problem that is a good Idea because TNT and USA rebroadcast episodes after midnight .. I never thought of that so your post helped me.