Priority question


Had a quick question on priority for recordings. I have a number of shows set up to record all episodes. My question is when there is a conflict between shows, is there any logic involving "New" episodes vs. re-runs? As an example, say I have three tuners and four shows that would record at 8 PM. Only one of the episodes is a new airing, and the other three are re-runs. Will the new recording have priority over the re-runs, regardless of the priority order set on the scheduling screen? If not, is there the possibility that this could be added as an option in the settings? (Like a checkbox for "Always prioritize newly aired episodes over re-runs")


Unfortunately the DVR's priority system is not very advanced. Things are recorded based on time, and if multiple programs start at the same time then the pass with the highest priority wins. Currently the DVR can't look into the future and predict how many tuners will be used so it always prioritizes on time first.


Just to clarify if a episode or show fails to record because all tuners are busy but the DVR sees the episode or show available in the future will it record the second go around?


It depends if you have only to record New Shows and a new episode is missed and it re-runs on another day it will not record. For New shows I always set to record all episodes.


You could also setup 2 advanced passes for the show, one records NEW only and is higher priority, the second records NOT NEW (reruns) and is a lower priority.

You can also set each advanced pass to only record from a certain channel/day of the week/time of day/etc.