Problem with hardware decoding on 2.1.5.beta-v214


After updating to this version on my Nvidia Shield I can no longer hardware decode MPEG2 SD channels. I get only audio with a black screen. H264 channels (HD or SD) aren't affected, and software decoding works as normal on all channels.


Could you submit diagnostics after attempting hardware playback?


Just submitted


Same with 214 on Nvidia Shield I get a black screen, no video (Menus come out fine though). When I change it to Software, video works fine.

How do I force an update of Channels on the Shield?


Same issue here..even recordings I watched yesterday are just black screens with audio.. also on nvidia shield. Upon testing it does play using hybrid and software decoders.. not with hardware.


Same. Also on shield on beta 214. Diagnostics submitted


Same here. Diagnostics submitted


Updated to beta 215 overnight. Now the Channels app won't launch at all. Restarting the Shield and clearing the data/cache didn't help.


Same issue, immediately closes


same. Really need a fix or replace 2 versions


Beta versions can have bugs. We appear to have been bitten by a bug in the new Android Studio 3.4 which was recently released. If you do not want to be in the beta, you can leave via

I've uploaded a new build v216 which should fix the crashes and black screen issue.


v216 working well! And I 100% agree with you: join a beta to test software and report issues with the goal of helping to make it better, but be prepared to have things break occasionally!


Back to usual goodness.. thank you.