Problems Remote streaming

My remote streaming has been working flawlessly for a long time but suddenly it stopped working today. I am getting the message that the dvr server can’t be discovered. The server is running ok and I can use it locally without problem. Any ideas are very welcome

Does show 8089 as open?

Port 8089 is open

What exactly happens when I try to authorise access away from home??

Should this url

Only be reachable from inside my local network or is it supposed to point to the authorisation page when outside of local network.??
As of now it is only reachable from inside

When trying to connect from my account page to “Away from home” I end up here

It doesn't work for me from yesterday either. And before that it worked perfectly. I have channels on Apple TV and Android TV as well as on IPad and nowhere can I connect to the server with "Away From Home".
The ChannelsDVR server I have installed as Docker on a dedicated server.

Exactly the same issue for me with similar dvr server running on NAS. Just did a channels software update too… hopefully not the issue

Good to know that it is not my setup that is the problem. Channels must have some kind of authentication service servers running. Maybe there’s a problem with it.

We are looking into reports of remote access issues from users in UK and Europe, with the browser showing some type of domain lookup error.

The issue affecting european customers is now resolved.

Thank you for an amazingly fast response. All working

Also working here again

Thank you very much, it works for me again.

What remote or local and both TCP and UPD
remote port 8089

the channels server will accept connections (remote or local) on port 8089 TCP.