Problems with extended recording times

The new interface is working great on my ATV 4k and Harmony remote. I've had just one issue: recordings with extended playing time. Assume that I record a 1 hr program and request an extra 30 minutes in case it runs late. Then I watch the program (with some delay) as it records. The following happens:

If after about 1:15 of playback I discover that I need to add more time (e.g., for double overtime), I exit the playback to add the time. But the only menu that allows me to add time is on the Guide, and the program is no longer accessible there because it scrolled off the left side of the screen afer the standard (unextended) end time. There's no way to extend the recording for the extra overtime.

Then I return to the playback, expecting to continue from the 1:15 time, but Channels thinks I've finished watching the recording, so I'm back at the start of the game. That seems to be based on the program's standard 1 hour length instead of the actual 1.5 hours.

Then I want to scub the timeline back to 1:15 where I left off, but the timelihe shows only 1 hour, not the 1.5 that the recording actually has. There's no good way to resume even if I remember where I left off.

So the extended recording worked, but playback was very inconvenient and adding an additional extension to the recording was apparently impossible even though I could have done it during the first hour.

Shouldn't the playback be based on actual recording length instead of the length shown in the Guide? And could an always-accessible menu be added to extend the recording while it is in progress? Thanks.