Problems with Live TV playback on Huawei T5 Mediapad


Im having some issues playing back live TV (SD & HD) on my Huawei T5 mediapad.

I tried to use the T5 pad a few days ago to watch live TV (on my home network via wifi) and started having all sorts of issues... "tuner failed" / "tuner not responding" messages, some SD channels would start to play & then buffer like crazy, other channels would play for 10 mins or so, before buffering / stuttering.

I'm using the latest DVR server release, there is nothing wrong with my network / server / tuners (the Channels DVR Android app on my Huawei phone, Amazon Fire TV boxes & Apple TV box all work flawlessly).

I had a brief play about within the DVR server to configure the T5 mediapad client - i.e. seeing if reducing streaming from "original" to 8 & then 6 Mbit would improve things, however this made no difference.

I'm not sure what the problem is?

What is the source of the channels that are having issues? What does a speed test from the tablet show in terms of bandwidth and latency? Is tuner sharing set the same on all of your apps?

While not the same device as you, I had to retire my old tablets last year, they were all maxed out at Android 8. Did they update the T5 beyond Android 8.0?

For me, apps started to have issues with buffering / not playing / crashing. Hulu, Emby and Channels were my problem apps.