Problems with picture freezing


Hi I have had recurrent problems with the picture freezing on live TV since before Christmas.

My setup is a HDHomeRun Quattro plugged into an Orbi Router.

I have a Apple TV plugged directly into the same router then connected to a Samsung TV via HDMI. This has the problem but was fine previously. If I use the built in tuner the picture is fine.

I have another Apple TV, the 4K version. This connects to the HDHomeRun wirelessly and connected to another Samsung TV. This works flawlessly.

Both Apple TVs have the Channels app.

I have the DVR software running on a Mac Mini and connected to the 2nd Orbi Router.

Any ideas?

I’ve sent some diagnostic logs yesterday but not sure if this helps.

Thanks. Iain


Several users have reported streaming problems with the Orbi. Are your orbi units connected wirelessly or over ethernet?


It’s quite odd. The Apple TV that is corrected directly to the Orbi and HDHomeRun has the problem. The one using wireless streaming works perfectly.


Since those devices are co-located, one thing you could try is to get a separate 4-port gigabit switch to hang off the Orbi and wire the ATV/HDHR/DVR together.


Your answer gave me a hunch to try unplugging the ethernet and using wireless instead. Haven't seen the problem since but only watched for about 5 minutes. Looks like a problem streaming over Ethernet using the Orbi router for some reason. Will report back if anything changes.


That is similar to what we've heard from other users as well. Problems when using Orbi's ethernet backhaul which go away when its in wireless mesh mode.


I had issues with my Orbi setup as well. I was running a network with a combination of Ethernet and wireless and had freezing problems. I got rid of the Orbi and used a singe router and switches to connect everything and the problem went away. I like the theory of the Ethernet backhaul causing the problem. Makes sense to me.


More info for my problematic setup. All the Orbi units were on Ethernet in a wired setup throughout the house. The HDHomeRun was on an Ethernet port on one of the satellites (not the router).