Problems with the cnannels app for blind/low vision persons


with Voiceover running

  1. fast forward and rewind jumps to far in time.
  2. DVS audio description does not work
  3. voiceover not read program description when in guide.
  4. list ofrecordings, to comberson when I land on "more" I have to arrow and have voieover read all the selections again in orde to have it read the programs that were hidden by "more"
    I know may other lind people ho wld love to cut the cord but we need a bit more work with assessability
    I do want to thank you for this app, it allowed me to dump the dih.

  1. fast forward and rewind jumps to far in time.

There are two ways to fast-forward and rewind in Channels. One is by pausing and then swiping the Apple TV remote trackpad. I don't think the sensitivity of this can be adjusted unless you adjust Apple TV's overall trackpad sensitivity in the Apple TV system Settings app.

Another way, which I usually prefer using myself, is to click the left or right side of the remote trackpad without needing to pause first. This lets you seek forward or seek back by a few seconds.

These seek-forward and seek-back times are also configurable in the Channels app's Settings. On Apple TV, you can get to Settings from the highest-level menu of the Channels app. These specific customizations are in the "Remote Control" section. You can customize the amount of time that seek-forward and seek-back go. You can also choose a different customization to be applied whenever you are watching sports programming.

  1. voiceover not read program description when in guide.

You may be able to work around this by long-clicking on a program in the guide. This brings up a full-screen view with the program description, run-time, and DVR controls.


Thanks for the suggestions. the FF in settings is set to 30 sec. Whn voiceover is running, it wil not stop at 30 seconds.

the long click on the guide will pul up a full screen of the program but th description will not read wi voiceover. I can move through the buttons.

Still no fix to get the audio description feed to play.


You may want to reach out to [email protected] or see if @tmm1/@maddox can chime in here.


We have released a new version today (3.2.15) with some fixes for VoiceOver mode.