Problems with xmltv Australia

I see in logs

2021/08/02 16:04:24.584018 [DVR] Fetched guide data for XMLTV-Australia in 4s

2021/08/02 16:04:24.648634 [HTTP] | 200 | 54.468984ms | | GET "/log"
2021/08/02 16:04:25.259581 [DVR] Indexed 0 airings into XMLTV-Australia (0 channels over 0s) + 0 skipped [0s index]

Can you share a screenshot of the settings area or Channels where you put in the guide uRL?

Sorry for late reply, not sure what you mean

and I put link to the guide in xml-custom

I was asking for a screenshot of the M3u source settings so we can see the exact url you entered. That url should also open in a web browser (from the server machine) and show the guide data.

Once you enter xmltv url in source data, you cannot see what it is, only it's designated name.As I said
I put the same url as in my first post.

Gotcha. I assume you can load that URL via a web browser or curl from the DVR server machine? Assuming so I would recommend submitting diagnostics from the web ui to see if the Devs can see why Channels isn’t parsing any guide data out of it.