Progress bar in recordings when program is extended

I have noticed that the progress bar for extended recordings does not show the total length.

Example, I am recording a football game (3 hours = 180 minutes) but I extend it an hour, (240 minutes)

When I watch the show while it’s in progress, it shows 180 minutes as it’s length.

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This issue has been fixed in 2.1.11

As a side note, I noticed a couple days ago that the progress bar was similarly broken for a recording that had ‘pre’ padding (1/2 hour) … the skip ahead, skip back was actually clipped to the left of the beginning of the timeline for the first 1/2 hour.

Was that fixed as well?

Yes the timeline should work with all padding now.

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Maybe the problem came back.
I'm using the Fire TV app, and the progress bar doesn't reflect the padding.

I'm still seeing this (Channels DVR 4.5.0 on a Chromecast with Google TV device).

The timeline interface is correct once the show has been recorded, but it is incorrect during the recording :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile: