Progress bars everywhere


• NEW: Airings show progress bars in On Now, Guide, and Quick Guide to see how much time is left in the show

Wow! What a slick implementation! This is great.


Agreed, looks slick and works well, kudos to the team!!!


While I like the fact that there is some indicator of progress, it's a bit too subtle. If I didn't know to look for it, I would never have noticed.

I thought it would be implemented similar to displaying how much content of a recording had been viewed or recorded, with a thin and noticeable line at the bottom, as is done for content in the library. (Also, shown that way would bring consistency across the UI.)

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I wouldn't want it too blatant though, such visual clutter could translate to information overload. I do notice that the progress bars in the guide are more subtle on my Samsung TV than they are on my Sony TV. Not too subtle, but yes, barely visible. I'm sure it's got something to do with color calibration, HDR, etc. But I am still able to reference this useful information on both displays, and don't have any complaint.

Just guessing but I think that might be the point? Maybe the contrast can be bumped up a bit... or maybe there can be a user preference where they can be toggled off entirely?

I'm happy with the new feature though. I think it looks great.

The latest TestFlight beta has some design updates to make things more consistent and obvious still while not being too busy.


Thanks @maddox. I think this latest change is much more legible (to my poor aging eyes ;)!

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I noticed it immediately on my leg oled but I can see how it would be hard to tell on TVs with weaker contrast. I also noticed that my local radar station which has very large guide blocks (4 or 6 hours), the indicator was wrong (too far ahead). I’ll see if the latest TestFlight still has the issue and if so post a picture.

yeah, some channels show progress slightly in the past, and some way in the future. It is accurate at least to show that the shows in progress are the ones with a bar. I think it looks nice and is a cool way to do it with this UI, but its definitely not totally accurate.

What the bars represent is percent completion, not time.

I didn't think showing time was of much use when you don't really know how long a show/event/movie is (in the case of items that are truncated because they started in the past).

  1. Was that not exactly clear?
  2. Does that make it make more sense?
  3. Or did you understand that and still think the bars are not accurate?

Hmm, I guess you did mean #3, as this example, you would think would match in length since it's percent complete.

I'll check it out!


yeah i get it. I like it. You pointed it out. Maybe those shows are different runtimes, I just can't see it from the current guide position.

They are, one is 30 mins and one is 60 mins, but it's only showing the 30 min block of Law & Order. But technically they should both be the same percent complete :75% so they should match.

I think the percent complete would be different, depending on the length of the show... but the visible block of time shown in the guide would probably be a better way to calculate the percentage.

or maybe not. Maybe it could help to tell how long the show is (and how much of it was missed). Probably good the way it is.

No, the bars are correct and as expected. The hour program is further from the end than the 30 minute program.

I noted the difference immediately, but also saw that the bar was for the program's progress ...

why does Bull have different progress than Law & Order? Aren't they both 1 hour? Or maybe the bull was some strange length, like 45 min?
Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 11.42.57 PM

Did these all start at different times?

What does your guide say? I can't answer what I can't see.

My guide doesn't scroll left to check from that view. Does yours?

No, you can't scroll into the past. But you can long-press when selecting a currently airing program to display its modal guide display, which includes when the program started.

Ahh yes I totally misunderstood this. I thought it was just a line that would line up with the “current time” tick mark at the top. Many of mine line up exactly, despite the shows being very different lengths.

From my perspective it makes no sense for the progress of any show to extend beyond the current time regardless of the percentage completed.

That said, I'd rather not have this. I feel the guide was better without it.