Progressively glitchy playback on Shield TV


I’ve recently noticed when watching HD channels that the video will get progressivley glitchy. It’s not judder or poor signal. When the camera changes from one scene to another I often see a flash of green. I’m not sure if it’s because of the Nvidia shield experience 7.1 update but I’ve only just started noticing it.

Other TV apps work fine.


On the Player tab, try switching Decoder to Software


Ok, I changed to ‘hybrid’ and it seems fine at the moment. Thanks.


@tmm1 is the hybrid mode hardware h264 decoding and software deinterlacing? What % of Shield CPU is used in each mode do you know? It's nice to stay green and use the least amount of energy :slight_smile:


Hybrid uses hardware decoding with a GPU renderer.

I don't know the cpu usage differences, and they might be more similar than you think.