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Setup works flawlessly on AppleTV. 155 channels found.

Playback is less than perfect however. The quality is decent, but not as smooth as the playback using the FuboTV app on AppleTV.

Watching sports is just too jerky for my taste. I know this is beta though so hopefully the quality improves.

The streams from the Fubo app are most likely different than what Channels receives. Channels receives the streams from the networks' websites directly. The only role Fubo plays in Channels use of TVE is for authentication.

Fubo (when accessed directly) returns a maximum resolution of 720P. When accessed through TVE/Channels, you mostly get 1080i.


Is there a way to set Channels to the same resolution as Fubo?

No. Channels requests the highest resolution that the network web site offers. Remember, the Fubo app and Channels are receiving different streams/feeds.

Why would you want a lower resolution? Fubo (directly) has lower resolution than Channels using TVE.


When I restart my device (firestick 4k) it runs smoother. Basketball seems to be the most jerky with hockey a close second. Skipping commercials is worth the tradeoffs for me.YMMV.

He is simply looking for ANY solution for a smoother playback...

This is likely not a TVE issue, as there are lots of Channels users that use Fubo TV, and I haven’t seen widespread reports of it. What client are you using? How is it connected to the network?

I had occasional glitches with my 4K FireStick. I spent $15 on a hard wired network adapter and the glitches went away.


Nah - it's an individual channel issue. CBSSN is the worst right now, FS1/2 isn't great either.

I find that when I experience choppy audio via my Fubo TVE streams, a simple single press of the rewind button does the trick, smoothing the replay. YMMV.

  1. I am only using an AppleTV 4K
  2. It is hardwired
  3. The problem is video playback not being smooth. Very hard to enjoy sports
  4. Playback is smooth on Fubo app
  5. CBSSN is the channel I was watching. I haven't checking many other channels

yep. 100% agree on all fronts. CBS app looks better, as well, so it's something with their TVE feed for that channel.

I'm not sure which is the official thread, but I posted this on the other one labeled "Provider - Fubo TV":

FYI, Fubo TV just lost the A&E channels. Good thing I just literally cancelled this service a few days ago because my Xfinity just starting working again!

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