Provide Individual 'Favorites' for All Clients on Network

As a feature request I would like to have individual 'Favorites' available for all clients on my network. Different family members have different needs. Thank-you...

This is available in 2.1.26 and the beta

Thank you Aman. Do I need to update the server or just the clients? Do all clients need to be the same?

Just the clients

Thank you Aman. I installed the Beta version on 3 Shield clients and it seems to work as advertised. I did have some issue with trying to remove some channels from one of the clients. Every time I changed a channel to not be a favorite, the channel disappeared (as expected) but a duplicate of another channel appeared at the end of the list. (This was in the on now window looking at favorites.

In an unrelated request.... the navigation on the channel grid has one thing I think should be looked at. When you are clicking up through the channels and get to the top row, the next click up moves the cursor to the left into the area where you select which group of channels are being displayed. (Favorites, All... etc) When you click back down the cursor then moves to the left into the menu area instead of back down to the grid. I think it would be better to have to click left to get to the group selection for the grid, and left again to move into the menu area. It is too easy for those in my family to end up in the menu area. DL

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Was this with TVE or OTA channels?

Thanks for letting me know. I've fixed this for the next beta.

I believe they were TVE channels. (I am away from home working for a few days).And typically the duplicate that was created was a duplicate of the last channel in the list.


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