Provide own guide data through xmltv file

Is it possible to use an xmltv file that I serve through a webserver for guide data?

This is not possible, nor are there any plans to add such a feature.

Can you explain why you use your own xmltv data, and how you generate it?

There are several options for doing that: webgrabplus, and Do you grab the guide data directly from gracenote or “through” an API of the hdhomerun itself? Like the channels: Then I might be able to go through a proxy and provide it myself. With something like this

The guide data in New Zealand is really not that great. I would love to be able to provide my own xmltv file. I use it it Plex and it’s great but obviously Plex live tv is a long way behind how channels do it hence wanting it in channels.

You should look at adding this feature as many countries you do not support for the DVR (e..g Australia) have third party services that provide am XMLTV feed. I am currently using this with Plex DVR here in Australia , but i would be a Channels customer if you supported it.
By not supporting it , and only supporting Channels DVR in four countries you are handing the global market to competitors like Plex

I use a subscription to ICE TV. Costs $2/month and gives me a link i paste into the Plex DVR settings . Here are the instructions:
Took about 2 mins, but i believe Channels has a better app , and better DVR so i'd prefer to use it instead of Plex which is still ironing out bugs.