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This morning having issues with FuboTV not being authorized. Checked a few network sites like NBC, NFL, etc. and could not log in either with FuboTV credentials. I did contact FuboTV through twitter to see if it was a known issue on their end or something on mine. I have not heard back yet. Any else having problems with FuboTV?

Same issue on my end. I also contacted their tech support, but have not heard back yet.

Looks like its working again.

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Looks to be working again for me as well. Only issue I still have is with NFL Network not authorizing on Channels DVR or NFL website/app. FuboTV twitter support said they passed my issue along to Techs to look deeper into it.


Seems to have stopped working again for me, I get an authn: 401 Unauthorized: Data not found when trying to re-add FuboTV as a source.

Same here, just saw a show (The Simpsons on FX channel) was not recorded and checked FuboTV TVE on Channels and re-scanning shows the following: “notAuthorized: A Network error occurred when communicating with the providers authorized service”

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Just tried removing FuboTV as a source and re-adding it shows the error “401 Unauthorized: Data not found”

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Is anyway else seeing these issues? Im still having problems and FuboTV has been no help regarding my issues with them and TVE. I don't think its a Channels DVR as I have many issues connecting to network apps and sites that are suppose to work or originally did with FuboTV’s TVE login. I have used FuboTV for about 2 years now and this is one of my first real bad experiences with them. I just started a 7 day trial to Philo just to be able to get a few channels back and running though TVE. Just wanted to get some input from other users.

I too am having exactly the same issues.

same issue here stop recording
just delete tried to readd source no dice
would say fubo blocking

Might what to update Fubo. They dropped Fx, Nat geo and regional Fox sports.

Its a good thing I canceled before the Trial Ended. It was looking like they may be the best with TVE support with PS VUE shutting down. But now Looks like HULU and YTTV are the best choices right now with Philo as an addon for Viacom Channels. But I can see that its just to expensive for these providers. With Disney pretty much owning most of the networks (ESPN, Fox, and many others) that YTTV will not last.

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I think Hulu and YTTV will be the only full replacements left in general. Google will find a way to make add revenue off YTTV, so they will still be around. I see Philo as more of a Netflix type service since nothing needs to be live and I think it's pure profit for the companies that own them. That being said I have Att tv watch now for the missing [email protected]/Viacom, but I think I will change to Spectrum essentials.

What is Spectrum Essentials. Is that better than My Spectrum TV Streaming or does it require their box.

It's Philo with a few extra channels and you can only do it streaming

Essentials not available in my area. If I want to add like Syfy I have to upgrade to their Select package and rent a Cable Box. I'm not having that bulky thing in my living room again.

You can't do Choice?

Select , Silver and Gold is all they offer my Area. They discontinue Choice. Thats what I use to have till they changed over to 100% digital.

It's BS..One rep told be they discontinued Essentials and the next tried to sell it to me. That's why I don't want to deal with their tv service.

If they didn't charge for that crappy box I would get the lower tier package but I refuse to rent that outdated thing if I can watch their channels Via Apple TV.