Provider - Hulu Live (TVE-Hulu)

Can you please explain why there are so many Hulu Live Channels that say "login not supported"? Is this something that will be resolved over time or is there a technical reason that is preventing these from working in Channels? Other than all the missed channels I love Channels DVR with Hulu Live.

Not all channels are supported.
see main thread

It does work very well with the channels that are supported. That said, I would still like to know the reason they are not currently supported and if we can expect them to be supported at some point in time in the future? Is the issue with the HULU, the channel providers, or Channels or a combination of the 3? I just want to know what the issue is. I love Channels but I would love it even more if there were not so many channels that aren't supported.

Login not supported usually means there's no TVE contract in place between that provider (Hulu) and the network. For example if you go to or or you will see a list of provider logins available and some are missing.

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Yea. its annoying thing. Each streaming service only supports certain networks(channels).
There is no one streaming service that supports them all.
That is why u can have mutiple TVE tuners in channels.
I have Philo, and Xfinity. Each has channels that the other does not have.

There are websites that let you select what channel you want, and it shows you what services offer them.

As far as Channels go, this may be of use to you to read. There is a link in that that u can use to see what channels providers offer.

Thanks a lot, I am a recently new user and cord cutter so I am still trying to understand and figure it all out but I love Channels !!!!!

It takes a little while to figure it out, but its a great system and support here is excellent from the developers.

One thing that can help with TVE is this list of which channels each provider has TVE support for. Its not current, but its close and it gives you a general idea on how the providers support TVE in general. Hulu and Sling are not great supports, but YTTV, Fubo and Philo cover most channels that they have.

We are currently doing Philo plus an antenna.