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Current Status: Works well with access to most TVE channels

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I just enabled TVE with Hulu live on my Odroid HC2. It works great! Since my initial DVR setup last fall this system has been rock solid. Super cheap installation using old 1T hard drive. I only playback on my network and only record one to two shows a day but it does everything that I need. I really appreciate the continuous improvements like commercial skip and TVE implementation. Great product.

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I have set up my Hulu Live Account and see none of my Local Channels are populated. Is there something i may be missing in the setup to get the local channels to populate as well?

Local channels are not available via our TVE integration.

I just tried to add hulu live as a source and im getting a time out /screen shot back of the login page wanting a "im not a computer" checkbox that I can't click or do anything with.

Please screenshot the error and email to [email protected]

Everything was working great now today my Hulu login channels are saying not authorized. Philo channels and ota working fine. Anyone else having this problem?

Does your hulu login work on the various network websites in an incognito window?

I hadn't tried that, but yes it is working in incognito window. Nbc universal logs in but no stream with regular browser, but works igcognito. tried fx networks and same thing, except won't log in on regular browser but works igcognito

After logging in incognito, I can now log in to nbc universal and fx etc, on regular chrome, not incognito, but still shows not authorized in channels when I rescan the channel

Update : I deleted the Hulu source and added it over again and it seems to have fixed the problem

Update 2: 3 days later and it does the same thing. First scheduled recording and the not authorized for Hulu channels, philo recording fine. Any ideas what I need to do? Delete and re add Hulu again and its working

1 day and again Hulu not authorized. Philo all good.

Keeps happening every day. No one else have an idea what I can do?

Installed Channels on Friday and connected to Hulu Live. Everything connected without issue. Set up Channels to record some College Football on Saturday, but wanted to see a different channel on Hulu. While Channels was recording one show off Hulu Live, I went into my Hulu account using an app on my TV and watched a different game. When I went back to watch the came I had recorded with Channels, the first 3 minutes were viewable and then it just stopped. I tried to jump to a different spot in the game and nothing worked. It was like nothing was there. Was wondering if there is an issue watching Hulu Live using a Hulu app at the same time Channels is recording a Hulu Live show. Are there any limitations on watching Hulu Live while Channels is also recording a Hulu Live show?

Look at the DVR's Log to see what happened while it was recording. The TVE streams don't come from Hulu's servers so there is no issue with using the app at the same time.

Is there any kind of restriction why you can't? Will this ever be an option? Thanks.

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Local channels are only available via TVE in a few major metro cities. See Experimental: Local Networks (NBC, ABC, FOX) in some major metros via TVE

Looks like we get the some of the $8 entertainment add- on with the basic subscription.

NBC Sports channel says "Stream Not Live" all other channels that I am supposed to get are working. I uninstalled Hulu- re-installed, made sure software is up to date, etc. None of that works.

New customer here. A number of my Hulu+Live channels fail to successfully setup. Different errors, but mainly Login Not Supported. I’ve confirmed my Channels software is up to date, and also tried deleting my Hulu source and reloading. No difference. I’ve emailed support.

If you are talking about CNN, TNT, TBS, CN. Hulu live doesn't have tv everywhere support for them.