Provider: Kapang

Hey has anyone been able to add the Kapang IPTV Service into channels?

Their native apps leave a lot to be desired and would love to add them into Channels like Pluto IPTV.

Hi there,
I haven't heard of it here.
From what I understand, the channels folks don't promote piracy.
Sounds neat.

Are you looking at the UK or US version?

From what I can see on the US version, some of these channels are available on other services that already have playlists (Samsung/Plex/Stirr). Any channels in particular that you're trying to watch?

Didn’t think it was piracy?

And the UK version - I’m trying to get IP version of the Freeview/Free to Air channels as the signal lately has been choppy in some recent storms.

If not possible no worries just thought it was similar to Pluto.

It didn’t appear to be piracy based on the news articles I found about it.

The video streams are in the same format as Pluto and should play fine in Channels. The streams are behind an authentication, so you’d need someone to develop a Docker image like the Frndly one that gets the streams and EPG. Any developers from the UK here that can help?

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