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Did Sling ever have 20 channels? The offering was pretty poor when I tested it about a year ago.

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I have 83 channels with sling blue. Having said that, only 8 channels are premium.

I was thinking about signing up for Sling Blue/Orange with the Sports package. Can anyone confirm if the following channels work with TVE:

Fox News
Big Ten Network


I can watch the following via TVE on Channels with Sling as my provider:

Fox News

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Thanks for the reply. Are you on Blue or Orange?

This was posted earlier in this thread, but putting it here again: it should tell you what channels you can and cannot get via TVE, plus it provides a sign-in link to test availability: Channels Support - TV Everywhere Availability

According to your link all the channels I want appear to be available BUT Big Ten Network. Is that because it's an "add-on" service? If I add it, would it then work in TVE?

I am on blue and orange combined...

As for the others, I get the Big10 and HGTV on the Sling TV app but not on Channels via TVE...

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Ok thanks a lot for letting me know!

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(Please feel free to point me to where this might have been discussed but I'm not finding it.)

Signed up for SlingTV Blue with Sports Extra for the main purpose of watching the Pac12 channels (remotely...). I checked out the TVE availability for SlingTV but it does not parse out the Blue or Orange plan much less the addons like Sports Extra package.

With Channels DVR server (v2022.09.23.0124) I scan the channels and all I see for the Pac12 channels is, "Sling TV does not provide TVE access to..." Pic below. (Would have been nice to say that in the TVE availability scanner.) Are there any other options or future options for my situation including other streaming services that might work with TVE & Pac12 networks?

FYI, the contract between Disney and Sling has expired: Our Sling Promise | Sling TV

That is a lot of good channels. I am sure they will work it out.

PAC12 Network is a joke. 2024 cannot come soon enough. FuboTV carries the PAC12 networks to answer your question.

I have Sling Orange+Blue Sports and I cannot get NFL Redzone to load if No one else gets this channel I may need to switch providers. what provider offers NFL Redzone that works with channels? As this channel may be worth switching providers to to get to work on channels DVR.

Sling has added the A&E channels to TVE.

Unable to access Reelz with Sling.
"notAuthorized: You do not have full subscriptions to view the requested content. Please upgrade your programming then log back in to view content."

If I go to I am able to watch the Live stream.
If I go to I am able to watch the Live stream when logged in with Sling provider.

This is a new Sling account that I just connected to Channels
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi guys,
I had Sling for like a day tried TVE with it and canceled the same day.
Went back to using my Youtube tv and Philo.
Much better

Attempting to use a trial for Sling to see exactly what TVE channels are available and it's flat out not working at all.

It's happening when trying to login with an app too, so not Channels related.

Damn Sling sucks.

Hi there,
When i tried using Sling,with TVE, it didn't offer too many options.
I wonder if VLC Bridge would work with the service?