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None of them are working for me right now. Last night, I was able to use HBO Go, but it forced me to create a new profile. It worked, but now I'm not sure if I have an extra profile or not...

TMM1, thanks I tried the link and i did get the same error, my problem could be related to the outage...

Nothing works for me on the Apple TV. Every channel says tuner not available. Works fine on my Fire TVs Apple TV won’t even load the tve channels. I think it’s the Channel Apple apps issue.

Still having the same issue with most TVE channels. I contacted Spectrum's tech support via Twitter, and according to them, this is a new TVE issue that is related to Hawaii. There are a couple of engineering department support ticket numbers: SVINT-1645 and SVINT-1654.

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Per Spectrum/Brighthouse. Central Florida

It appears Nat Geo is part of the trend. There are reports that some of the channel's websites are not functioning properly and that it is also affecting other service providers as well. Everything on your account is good its the website that is having issues. Our engineers are aware this issue and they are communicating with Nat geo and the other websites to see when they will have it fixed so give it some time and you will have access to it. You should have access to Nat geo on the website even away from home and also the on demand on our website to watch specific shows in the mean time.

Got through to yet another department in Spectrum. This time it was the "bulk support team", which apparently supports customers who are part of a building agreement (my condo homeowners association handles cable and internet). This time the support person reported that there is a fix that will be implemented on 8/21/19, and that they will check with me on the 22nd to see if it's fixed for me. Nice!

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What island are you on in Hawaii? I’m in HI also and I work for a company that contracts with Spectrum.


Cool. I’m on the Big Island. Maybe I’ll check with some of my contacts to see if I can glean any further info on this. I use DirecTV and only have Spectrum internet so I don’t use them for TVE.

Just an FYI. I only use Apple TV’s in my house. I have 7 of them. All of them work fine for me with TVE.

I have one and always have issues

My point being that channels on Apple TV with tve works fine. Possibly a different network issue causing your problems?

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Your probably right. Rebooting my router seems to fix it

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I received a call from Spectrum tech support. They say that they have fixed the authentication issues, and that it was a system bug that affected a lot of users.

I can verify that all of the channels that have a publicly available live stream work properly with Spectrum credentials through their respective web sites. However, the Discovery channels (Discovery, Food, Animal Planet, HGTV, etc.) are still not working in the TVE source.

When I rescanned, the number of channels jumped from 78 to 124, but all of the discovery channels have an error: "chrome auth_timed_out".

I can see the transactions in the log that attempt to connect to the Discovery channel (for example) and a time out message in there as well.

Maybe there is something to clear or reinitialize on my media server?

FYI - I also tried some of the channels individually after waiting about 10 hours after rescanning. Same result.

Please email us with the log messages from
rescanning an individual channel that errors.

I have no problem with Animal planet, just National geographic. Will send logs

So I joined after watching Lon Seidman's YouTube video because I wanted TVE on all streaming devices in the house. First scan produced 111 out of (I think) 180 channels scanned. OK cool I thought, but then I noticed Fox Sports Net was not working, I read on this forum that deleting and re-adding the provider might fix the issue. This time only 93 channels were found. Must be a glitch I told myself so I did it again (deleted and re-added Spectrum), this time a whopping 54 channels were found. One more time will fix it for sure but this last time the rescan only got 101 channels.

What gives??

There are some times time outs while authenticating many channels at once.

Go to your Spectrum source and click the number of channels. Then click the edit button in the top right of the modal. This will show any errors for each channel. You can attempt to manually authenticate the ones that failed.

Spectrum added Tv everywhere for The tennis channel, might need to rescan if interested.