Provider: The Walt Disney Company


Can you add The Walt Disney Company to the list of providers? Disney employees have access to Disney Channel, Disney Jr, Freeform and soon FX and others.

We only support cable provider logins.

For those curious, it looks like this is listed as "The Walt Disney Company" under the list of "cable providers" on Freeform. It redirects to Disney's corporate employee single-sign-on page.

Exactly as @dbloom said. For TVE it's considered a cable provider (one with over 200k "customers")

It appears to support ESPN as well. (Of course, I'm not an employee of the WDC so I can't verify that it actually works, but "The Walt Disney Company" does appear in their list of cable providers)

Thanks for the pointer @dbloom

I've added this to our latest DVR pre-release build v2019.08.26.1730. I obviously don't have a Disney corporate login so I wasn't able to verify if it works.

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It works for ESPN as well, forgot to mention because I'm not a big sports guy :smiley:

Testing it now


Didn't show anything on the log

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Try again with the latest build.

It failed with the same error, but now there was something on the logs:

2019/08/26 18:52:46 [TVE] Auth starting for WatchABC as vinht001
2019/08/26 18:52:46 [TVE] Auth failed for WatchABC: login not supported

Same here.

Try the latest build.

Getting further. Now it shows the company login window with the error: encountered exception 'Uncaught' (89:43)

I need the full logs and the screenshot. Email it to [email protected]


OMG @tmm1 !!!! IT WORKS!!!
Damn, you're awesome! When posted the question yesterday I didn't really think you would go and work on it right away. You had this thing working in less than 24h and now I have access to all Disney-owned channels. Thanks A LOT!!!! Will renew my Channels subscription right away.


Sorry it was working yesterday after @MB_NYC helped me test over email, but then I forgot to post here and let you know =)


How do I get access to this pre release software? I have the iOS beta but I don't have the pre release on the actual DVR server accessed through the web.

Click and hold the Check For Update button.

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I am new to Channels and just signed up after I saw this since I am also a Disney employee. We get access to FX networks and ABC as well but I do not see them listed. I also have an account for CBS All Access. I was really hoping that this would be a way for me to not have to app-swap. Is it possible to use Channels in this way?