Providing Access to Spectrum Premiums Like FitzyTV Does

I know premiums are not currently supported but I recently saw and tried out FitzyTV and it seems to be able to provide access to all of the linear premium channels at least where Spectrum is the provider. Was just curious as to whether the method they use could be easily adapted to Channels since it is a far superior app and interface.

I don't think Channels wants to go the route of hijacking the Spectrum stream like Fuzzy.

If you were to ask Spectrum if they were OK with what Fitzy was doing the answer would almost certainly be “no.”

Well that would probably also be their answer if you asked them the same question about what Channels does as well but that isn’t really relevant. Since I pay them for authenticated access to the streams they honestly shouldn’t care what hardware I use inside my home for the best experience. But cable companies have obviously never been greatly concerned with what is in the best interests of their customers.


I agree. Also I do n't recall anyone asking ant questions about how Spectrum or ESPN or TIvo's Feelings? haha That would be another topic. Unbelievable answers. Just WOW. Al kneel before the Tweedle moral and Tweedle Ethics
You are welcomed to start a post on what you guys think is ethical and moral when it comes to streaming. Me? I believe if I pay for a service I should be able to utilize that service as I see fit. And before you fall off your respective chairs I would like to remind you that no one but myself know what "however I see fit" means so save us all the time and please no rants on something you literally know nothing about

also the OP brings up an interesting point. If you subscribe to the HBO addon in that program that shall not be named...then you have access to that program so Im not sure why the line gets drawn in certain area. I believe its a matter of wanting the feature and then figuring out how to implement it without bring the reigns of the Tv gestapo down upon you. One thing I do know...I would hate to see Channels in the same position as "the other guys" Adobe did them a certain way. Why Channels is, so far seemingly avoiding their wrath, I do not know. But lets all knock on wood and not throw temper tantrums ok? Group Hug! bring it in guys. Ahh this community is the best. Seriously I wish there was a couch I could crah out in

Fitzy...its not good. It is a poor clone of the native "channels" Android tv native app.
its very sloppy navigation and difficult to use. (the sidebar always there sucks) but the full guide while watching was nice to have.) works.

it worked the first few times i tried it....hasnt worked since. just sits on its animated loading screen.
i just assume the servers got shut down or blocked etc.
i have read reports from contacts of mine of many shady and illegal app and iptv service recently going down.

I am not informed as to have Fitzy pulls it channels streams, knew it has to be something more than just TVE, as it show channels online streams that do not support TVE, like Discovery Channel. Maybe it is a web wrapper or something, idk.
Also it seems to duplicate/triplicate channels in its guide.(i only have Philo connected to it)
Tried trial of its DVR feature....yuck. and could not find a way to download the recorded files.

Channels DVR ...far better and relaible.
And can also use my HDHR ota channels and not use Locast.
those network channels not via tve in Channels, i just load up Philo app and watch there....far more useable UI.

Channels’ TVE feature is literally using a web browser to log in to the network’s site, use valid user credentials to log in, and access content. From the network perspective it is literally no different from a user manually doing these things. That’s why the developers (and many of us agree) feel that it’s totally legal and above board.

What some other applications are doing is “pretending” to be a client of the spectrum stream app (among others), by reverse-engineering the (private) APIs that the official applications use (Including authentication mechanisms). From a technical (and legal) perspective, these are two vastly different things.

Do you have any evidence to back up your claim of them "reverse engineering the private API's"?

EDit. I find this:

" James Fitzgerald, the CEO of the eponymous FitzyTV—and until recently its sole employee—argues that this service is legal because it’s accessing streams that are freely available on the internet, and that users are already entitled to receive. As for recording those streams, Fitzgerald cites Cablevision’s landmark court victory over TV networks a decade ago, allowing it to build a network-based DVR."

Being able to access something online does not make it "freely available". If Fitzy was truly using genuinely freely available streams, then it wouldn't need your login credentials for any services. You can justify Fitzy all you like, but it doesn't change the facts.

The developers have already stated they have no intentions of supporting premium/streaming content beyond their existing TV Everywhere and Locast support, so this entire discussion is essentially moot.

You are missing the AND "and that users are already entitled to receive" if user pays for streaming service, they are entitled to receive those streams.
Does not make any difference how, or in what app they get them, but they have legal right to view them.
I believe that is what they saying.
And, to be clear, I am not trying to justify anything.

But folks like you keep saying things are "facts" but with no documentation or reference to show they are indeed proven or confirmed facts, and not your own interpretation or opinion, I do not take what you or anyone says as proven facts.
Seems to me to be a gray area app/service.

You might want to read the user agreements for your streaming services. I think your streaming providers have a different view of what you are permitted to do with the streams you are paying to access.

Well one thing that Fitzy has over Channels, and I am saying this with gritted teeth considering all the time I WASTED today since this is a "Deal Breaker" Fitzy supports Frndly TV and not only that...but Sling, Philo, any of them can be used to get HALLMARK! what is the friggin deal with no HALLMARK. PLEASE can someone help me figure out how to get that? I pay for it on enough friggin services I should be able to watch and record it

no problem with XFINITY and all the Hallmark Channels.

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I don't know what your on about with all that I have no further comment on it.

Hallmark is channel 6090 and Hallmark Movie & Mysteries is channel 6091 from my Philo subscription setup in Channels Plus.