Prune Removed Media

I have a pretty large imported library of TV Shows. (Old recordings, commercials cut)

I use the "Prune Removed Media" feature about twice per day, keeping things tidy, however over the last few days I notice that hitting the "Prune Removed Media" feature starts to delete EVERY imported item, as if they aren't there. I can play the recordings once they "Import" themselves back in, so I know Channels can see the directories.

For now I've restored from a backup Database, and I'm not Pruning anymore.

I'm using Beta 2024.02.10.0353. Has anyone else seen this? Is it doing this for everyone now? Is there a quick solution?


Looking into it now.

Wow! That was fast! If it helps, the Import folder is in the DVR folder on an internal drive. It's not a mapping, or network share. (Channels DVR is running on Windows)

@Lawreb An update should be out in the next 20 minutes that resolves this issue. Sorry you ran into this and thank you for reporting it!

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THANK YOU so much! I’ll give it a try tonight!

And again… Wow, that was FAST!

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Prune is removing all playon content as well.
@eric had to restore from backup to get Playon content back into channels but also end up with a double entry on the one movie in imports.
Am on the latest pre-release also.

Please submit diagnostics and give me the ID.

Update: I was able to identify what was going on with PlayOn and a fix should be released in the next 20 minutes

Don't know if you still need this but here are diags 27d9bbe5-cf7d-44b9-a5de-d1e4e49b7db1
grabbing the new pre-release will report back.

Thank you for the quick fix as usual. All is working as expected now.

Fix is released.

@TerryD thanks for the report.

Feedback: So far, so good. It was behaving a bit weird for a while, but maybe it was busy indexing or something and kicked all clients and Remote Desktop sessions out for several minutes, several times.

Very strange. I don't know what would have caused any impact to Remote Desktop or anything like that.

It could be doing the pruning caused a lot of disk IO that impacted your computer. Running Troubleshooting with the Resource Intensive tests will let you know if you're having any disk issues.