Pull recordings from location running Channels DVR

I'm thinking about a system that will allow me to do the following (see Goal). Not everything is fleshed out in this post as I'm still working through the details but I thought I'd post this in order to harness the power of the collective to help me. Thanks.


  • ChannelsHDHRPrimeLocation (A) = Cox cable, CableCard, HDHomeRun Prime, ChannelsDVR(Raspberry Pi Image)
  • ChannelsNONHDHRPrimeLocation (B) = ChannelsDVR(TrueNas)

Goal: Periodically copy recordings from ChannelsHDHRPrimeLocation (A) into ChannelsNONHDHRPrimeLocation (B).

Currently, there is no setup connecting A and B. Some kind of mechanism (e.g. VPN) will need to be setup in order for these to network to see each other.

The Channels DVR Raspberry Pi image does not allow the recording location to be changed.
Channels DVR is running on the Raspberry Pi off a 128 GB USB memory stick. Currently, there is no other NAS/storage device on the network at A. TrueNAS is running at B.

Is there a way to copy recordings from the A to B? If a NAS was running at A I expect I’d be able to run a scheduled task to do file/block level copy from A to B. Currently, there is not a NAS at A.

I assume Channels at B will let me import recordings recorded at A.

I would recommend rsync. You can either use rsync's own port, or couple it with SSH for a more secure connection between the two.

You might consider running zerotier on the machines, that way they will appear to be "local" to each other with private ip's getting you around issues of dealing with the firewalls on each machine.

Thanks. I’ll check it out.