Question about manually changing commercial cuts


I wasn't sure where to post this question, so move it if needed.

Anyway, I am curious about when you manually change the commercial cuts from the Web UI does the program re-write the existing edl file or does it leave the original untouched?


Depends what you mean by original edl. Which file are you referring to?


I was wondering that too I think he means the mcebuddy hack EDL


I mean the hack you can do to make Channels create an edl file in the same folder with the recording. My understanding is that it creates it when Channels does it's post processing on the recording.

Now that we have the ability to manually manipulate the commercial cuts after the post processing step via the Web UI, I am curious if doing that re-creates the edl file as well.


Yes the hack edl is updated on any change.


Awesome! Thanks!