Question about TVE

Hi, Im new to Channels and Im trying to find out if Spectrum is supported under TVE? Ive looked through there provider sources and cant find Spectrum in their list, Is it listed under a different name? Thanx in advance

TVE requires the Channels DVR server installed on a PC or NAS in your home. During setup you should be able to click Add Source > TV Everywhere > Spectrum

Yes I know about the Channels DVR server, I was trying to find out if Spectrum was supported before going through all of the installs to find out it wasn't. Like I said, I went to their web page and scrolled down their list of providers, but I couldnt locate Spectrum, Charter Communications, or Time Warner Cable in their list. Unless THAT list isnt complete.

You were looking on a TVE website for a provider list? Wherever you were looking, not sure why Spectrum wasn’t listed, it is supported and has good TVE coverage.

Ok thank you, Yes I was looking on TV Everywhere Website, they have a provider list in a drop down. Didnt see mine listed there.

Does anyone know how many recordings can you do at one time from a TVE provider?

sorry for all the questions, but do you need to run a VPN on the DVR server to use it?

TVE sources are web streams and no limits on how many things you can watch and record as far as Channels DVR is concerned. Obviously you need enough bandwidth.

No reason to have a vpn.

Thank you very much for your help, you've answered my main concerns. The only other concern I have is if my PC will work with the DVR server. My computer is Windows 10 Pro, AMD Phenom ii 6 core, 8 gigs of DDR2 ram, and EVGA Geforce GTX 1070TI 8gig DDR3, Gygabit Ethernet connection with 100mb Spectrum account. And I have a HDhomeRun prime 3 cablecard....currently.

Your computer exceeds the posted requirements for the hardware setup. Keep in mind that any channels on your HDHomerun that are marked as DRM (from Spectrum) you can not watch or record those with Channels DVR.

yes I know, thats why im hoping the TVE will pick up from the cable card local channels. having TVE as priority

my concern about the computer was certain hardware, if brand names like Nvidia was supported or not, or AMD

For Locals at most you will get is ABC, NBC and FOX through TVE

Intel quicksync really helps if you’ll be relying on transcoding a lot (typically that is only the case if you are watching remotely a lot). Having said that, even without it that machine can probably handle a decent transcoding load anyway.