Question - Platform for a Channels DVR server

I have a Channels DVR server at my main home (USA). It's on a QNAP TS-253A and has a HDHomeRun Prime (cablecard) as main source (+TVE as backup & some m3u streams).

I have a house in Italy that I use USA Channels server to watch US TV. I am thinking I might be able to use a Channels server in the house in Italy to possibly watch Italian TV when I am back in the US.

My question is what platform should I use for that server.

  1. I have a Lenovo m93p w 8GB RAM & 240 GB SSD there which runs my Roon server. That would be the easiest platform to add (no new hardware - perhaps an HDHomerun box)

  2. another QNAP server

  3. a Pi-based server

My original assumption would be that I would add it to the existing Lenovo (WIN10) server but I thought I'd ask to see if anyone had a compelling argument otherwise.


The lenovo apparently has QuickSync CPUs in it...if thats the case you can run it on there no problem. Like you said you would just need to make sure you get your OTA source like HDHomeRun setup.

The only issue I see you having is needing to manage multiple DVRs as it isn't an easy flip of a switch. Definitely doable though.

I'm fairly new to this, but I'm not sure you can have 2 DVRs available away from home with 1 account?

Couple of solutions on the multiple DVR front:

  1. two streaming dongles - one with Channels pointed @ US, the other Italy
  2. for just viewing, TiviMate can actually merge both sources into one instance. You lose rewind/ff & server-side record via UI.

Relative to 2 DVRs way from home, I'll always be at one of the homes. Worst comes to worst, I do 2 accounts.

Checked with Channels Support. You can have more than one DVR - you're right one at a time with remote access (as their infrastructure limits that) but you can switch back-and-forth.

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