Question re Advanced Remote Tricks: Channel Up/Down in Guide

Hi folks:

We are a couple of weeks in converting to Channels from a Tivo Bolt. Using Channels with a HDHomerun Prime 3 with Cable Card and DVE.

Overall it's going well. I'm using an IR Logitech Harmony remote with the Apple TV App.

Earlier today, I found the topic discussing "Advanced Remote Tricks" where I found it is possible to use the "Guide" button on the Harmony remote to go directly to the guide in Channels via my TV's HDMI-CEC. Cool! This was something I missed vs Tivo and is now solved.

Another thing I miss vs Tivo is, once in the guide, the ability to view the guide as "pages"...looking at all the lines on the screen then pressing "Channel Down" to skip to the next page. Up until now on Channels, I had to scroll through the guide channel-by-channel or else hold the down arrow down and do the fast scroll.

So...using Advanced Remote Tricks and HDMI-CEC I was glad to see I can now advance the guide pages at a time using channel up/down button's on my remote. Also really cool and something I missed vs Tivo.

EXCEPT...I just realized that when I press Channel up/down while in the guide, it does advance to a new page. Except it seems to jump ahead or back too much. The guide typically shows 6 lines of programming at once. But pressing channel down seems to make the guide jump 10-15 channels ahead instead of just 6. I'm missing out on entire pages when I do this.

Can this channel up/down feature be tweaked to just advanced to lowest channel on the guide and put it at the top instead of jumping ahead 15 or so channels?

Thanks! Great job thus far.