Question when Router Fails

Strange occurrence happened to me this morning. When I turned on my TV and tuned to my local station with Fire TV everything was good. When I went to another station on TVE, Fox News, an error occurred stating tuner failed. I got my iPad to see my DVR locally and nothing come up. I checked my cable modem and showed there was internet. Got on my computer hardwired to the router and there was no internet connection so I rebooted. Everything came up. Now my question is will the DVR still record the OTA Channels with HD HomeRun when there is no internet connection. Again the DVR still communicating to the HomeRun just not the WWW. Does DVR recording still works for OTA without connection to the Channels Server.

I would think, as long as something else isn't happening with the router, the answer is yes.

Over time, I have experienced enough router issues to know not to trust that to be the case, so I have a switch that sits between my HDHRs and the router. I have my computers that are running NextPVR and Channels connected to the switch. This ensures what you are talking about as it takes the router out of the equation.

Edit: BTW, I use a simple 8 port Gigabit Switch that can be found many places for about $20 USD.

My network is on MoCa. I have a switch in the living room where My HD HomRun and all my Devices and TV connected to. But I don't have my server on that switch but on the Router located in another room. The Server was communicating with my Fire TV so I was able to watch my OTA. It was the TVE that I couldn't see. So guess the router just was not connecting to the internet. So the ports were ok. Since most of my recordings are from the OTA my question is will the DVR still record even though I't can't communicate back to Channels Server. I guess I can test that out tonight if the developers don't answer back. If it can't record, I will need to find a way to get the router to reboot if it looses internet connection.