Quick Guide art cropped

Sorry if this has been addressed already, I didn't find any posts,

My Quick Guide art is being cropped, mainly the bottom portion of the images are being cut off. I have both Channels DVR and Channels DVR Beta, it happens on both. I am running 2022.02.16.2254 on the Nvidia Shield Pro. (It is my server and my client)

Originally it was only happening on the standard Channels DVR app, but now it also started happening on the Beta version, any thoughts?

Can you provide a photo of what it looks like.

Here's what it looks like on my Shield 9.0.1 with current prelease Channels DVR app.

How does it appear on the On Now tab?

For me, it looks perfect on the On Now screen.

Same, On Now images are perfect. I cant say how long it has been an issue on the standard app, but the BETA version was working fine until i upgraded to 2022.02.16.2254

Can I get a screenshot of On Now showing the same programs so I can compare.

The two places use similar code so I'm trying to figure out the difference

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These pics are from channels DVR Beta running on a Fire TV Cube, server is still on Nvidia Shield Pro with latest prerelease

Thanks. Fix coming in next beta. We are also release v4.2.1 with the fix.

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