Quick Guide not populated with current collection if PIP is turned on

Hi, finally tracked down what was going on with the quick guide. I love having the current collection in it. When I turn on PIP the current collection does not populate the quick guide. This is easy to replicate. Works as expected with the PIP turned off. Is this a known issue?

Not sure what you mean. How do you access the quick guide inside PIP?

not viewing inside PIP. Viewing from live TV, when exiting live TV the current channel goes to PIP, then another collection is selected from On Now, Guide, On Later. When returning to full screen, the quick guide is not populated with the collection that the new channel is in, it remains on previous selected collection or the startup collection. Sorry was not clear the first time or this time, the terms are a little confusing.

Would be nice if collection choice could be made from the quick guide.

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