Quick Guide not working on Android TV Beta 207.29.2200

Looks like Quick Guide is not currently working on Android build 207.29.2200. It only shows the current channel. It works on regular (non-beta) version. Is this a known issue? I can take pics of the issue if needed. Tested on 3 devices (Nvidia Shield Pro, and 2 Android TVs (built-in to the TV)). Thanks!

Quick guide is working fine for me on my Chromecast Google TV running the current Beta 208.2.439, but I also force the Quick Guide to use my Favorites collection.

Oh, good point. I should be more specific. This is with the default settings. By default mine shows the adjacent channels on the guide data (OTA).

Normal Version:


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There must be a settings mismatch, or different channels favorited in the apps.

What settings can I check? I'm just using the default settings. I don't use favorites. I just choose "All Channels" in the guide on both (beta, and normal).

There is a setting which controls what shows up in Quick Guide. The default is Favorites

Thanks! That was it! I found it under Settings | General | Live | Quick Guide. It was default to Favorites. Thanks again!