Quick Guide Quick Options

I’d love to see an option to change the quick guide listings on the fly. I know the options exists in settings but I’d love to be able to look for other sports, movies, etc while being able to keep my buffer of a live stream.

New to using Channels full time. I agree with this request. It would be nice to change the filter from the Quick Guide Options screen. Perhaps add a third column in there to swap between each of the categories. Honestly this would save me from going to the Guide section or the On Now sections a lot.

So if I understand this correctly, this is to add a setting such as Settings > General > Live TV > Quick Guide Channel Collections, the same as for On Now and Guide options presently exist?


Yep. Allow the quick guide to toggle through those collections without having to go to the settings page.

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Agreed, that would be awesome, a very useful addition. I enjoy channel surfing through my favorite Channel Collections, this would make it easier. I would use Quick Guide a lot more for sure with a change like that, and Picture in Picture a lot less. Good suggestion!


FuboTV really did this well, swipe one time for quick guide, from quick guide swipe again for collections.