Quick Guide 'Recent Channels' Option

Add a Quick Guide option that contains the ordered history of the last 10 or so tuned channels. Android TV Live Channels had this and I really miss it.


Such a great suggestion! Yes, please. This gets my vote,

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I second that. Please!

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Oh yes, this would be great!

The latest TestFlight beta for tvOS/iOS adds Recents as a native collection in the app. It's off by default. Turn it on at Settings > General > Live TV


Anxiously awaiting the port to Android TV and Fire TV!!!!

In the past I would have suggested getting an Apple TV, but my cheap Onn, Android TV device has been working so well with Channels, I no longer feel the need to do that. I use both.

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I am relatively new to Channels, but typically how long does it take for a new feature like this introduced on AppleTV make it to Fire TV Stick?

Any update on when this may make it to the Android TV client?

And...another request for the Android implementation. The Home screen integration currently offers 3 options. On Now, Movies, and Up Next. Could you add the Recent Channels collection as another option?


Any forecast for an Android TV/FIre TV delivery? Been waiting since November....

(Also, this really shouldn't be marked as 'Solved'....this was open against Android TV, and has not yet been delivered).

Is this ever going to see the light of day on Android?????? 4 months now....

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