Quick Guide, Recording Status - Bug?

If I'm recording a programme it shows on the programme guide but if I 'pull down' the Quick Guide the "Record" button below the synopsis still says "Record" and not "Recording"/shows a red light/some indicator to show it is. If I select Record button it does know the programme is being recording as it gives me options to cancel.

Is this expected behaviour or something which could be added? This way when one scrolls through the quick guide there is an immediate confirmation you're recording.

Just on the programme guide, when a programme is highlighted to indicate a recording, if one moves the active selection over the recording programme on the grid it effectively disappears as the selected colour is the same as other selections. Perhaps a border around the programme 'box' might work?


EDIT: Added screenshots

Is it recording on another channel?

Certainly sounds like a bug, we'll check it out.

Just recording one channel, the one shown on this instance.

Thanks, appreciate it.