Quick Poll on Feature Usage

Hey everyone :wave:

We'd love if you took a second to vote in this very informal poll so we can get a good idea of what features you use. Please vote for each feature that you use, you can pick multiple things.


Which features do you use?
  • Virtual Channels
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Library Collections
  • Channel Collections
  • Kids Section
  • Remote Streaming
  • Personal Media (local content imports)

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Remote streaming at the top? Wow. That was the only one I unchecked. Guess I need to get out more :joy:

In all seriousness, I took my first real vacation since pre-covid recently and it crossed my mind to set it up but decided I need less TV / tech on my vacation not more.


why such a limited list of features?


Are we just going to ignore the new avatar?

Virtual Channels + Personal Media is the greatest combo ever.

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In all seriousness: kudos to the channels team for doing a poll on this. I see so many companies, big and small, make the mistake of thinking they know their customers better than they do. Sometimes there is more conversation around certain cutting edge/new features and less around the thing that you love about a product and that just works.

(Don’t accuse me of that though, I’m here for the weird stuff that breaks things :joy:)

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So as a developer that started this poll, what exactly do you plan to do with this data?


I can't vote because my selection doesn't appear
[ ] None of the above
Unless Remote Streaming includes Tailscale.
Although I experiment and play with some occasionally.

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I voted Remote Streaming and do not use any others.

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I am surprised Commercial Detection and Custom Channels didn't make the poll.


For me mainly TVE. I'd like to see focused improvements w/ ASTC 3.0 tuning times and working to make AC4 multichannel audio work in Channels.

Whoops, I voted for Virtual Channels when I meant Custom Channels. Fixed my vote!

Would have voted for PlayOn Cloud if I could. Did vote for Personal Media. Aside from that it's all HDHRs here.

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