Quick question before I buy

Does channels offer a channel that plays blue bloods? I've tried other apps that does offer it but doesn't do what they say they do

Channels DVR does not have or offer any streaming channels. It is not a streaming service, it is a home DVR/Media Server, alike to Plex or Emby.

You have to add in a tuner source, such as a OTA Antenna tuner, like a HDHomeRun Connect. Channels also support TVE streaming if you add in your Streaming service login to it, (Philo, YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, Fubo, etc) you can stream certain supported channels


Thank you.

If you get decent over-the-air TV reception in your area and you have a good antenna, purchase a compatible HDHomerun tuner and hook it up with Channels DVR - that's a great combination.

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