Quick Sync Expectations

I am curios what my expectations should be for simultaneous multiple stream transcoding? I tried to find where someone had published results but came up empty. Does the Quick Sync performance vary from intel chip to intel chip?

Yea the performance and quality varies per chip.

Does that then mean a chip with higher clock or score would be better or is it not that simple?

I don't know to be honest, and Intel has not been very forthcoming either.

In general I think the generation of chip matters more, as the newer models got better and better encoders. The more expensive chips may allow more simultaneous streams but I really have no idea.

A good way to check expectations:

  1. At Intel's site (ark.intel.com) look up your processor.
  2. Take note of the processor's code name, such as Coffee Lake, Haswell, etc.
  3. Check out Wikipedia's matrix for Quick Sync Support, locating your processor's code name in the heading, and seeing which features are supported.
    (Models that support the same encoding features, but are newer, can usually handle more streams and produce better quality. For Channels' Quick Sync support, you generally want to check out the AVC row, because AFAIK Channels only transcodes into H.264/AVC.)

Thanks guys!