Quickly start watching channel by selecting channel logo in Guide view

In previous versions of Channels, you could quickly start watching a live channel by pressing on the channel logo from within the Guide view. The current version now brings up a list of Upcoming Shows/Movies for that channel instead.

I don’t find myself needing to access this Upcoming list very often/if at all, so having to swipe right to the current show title to start watching the channel feels like an extra step. With the Apple TV remote in particular its quite easy to overshoot the current show title, meaning you then need to swipe back to the left to make sure you’re on the current show before selecting. It all feels a bit clunky on Apple TV.

Would it be possible to add a setting to switch off the Upcoming Shows/Movies list from the Guide view so it reverts to the previous navigation of going directly to the live channel stream?

Or alternatively, could the default position of the remote’s selection highlight be the current show title rather than the channel logo column? That way you you’d eliminate the need to swipe right and could just swipe up/down and select.

Use the normal buttons not swipe on the Apple TV remote, then you won't find it so hard to navigate things. The swipe/touch gestures are terrible and often overshoot or do weird things.

I and i know many more, very much wanted and use a feature that loads what is on a specific channel. one of the few reasons I have Emby still around, I use it for its guide mostly, or for searching for programs.

I do agree that such features/behaviors would be nice for them to be configurable, so a user can set its functoriality as they prefer.

I wonder if it would make more sense for the default behavior to be: Click for live TV, and long-press for “Upcoming Shows?” With a customizable setting to toggle that behavior for each user’s preference.


I think that could be a good solution and feels more intuitive for the default behaviour.

@speedingcheetah Unfortunately the previous gen Siri remote doesn't have normal buttons, so you're stuck with the pesky swipe gestures. I completely understand every user has different needs. So if the settings could be customisable that'd be amazing.

I forget that even exists (it really shouldn't imo)
They can just buy the newer one with the buttons though, Apple says they are backwards compatible.

Yes I paired the new Siri Remote with two older AppleTVs. It works with both gens of the 4K AppleTV as well as the AppleTV HD.

Just revisiting this query, as I noticed that Virtual Channels still function the old way, going to the “Live” TV playback when clicking on the channel icon. It makes for a rather inconsistent user experience when this is not the case across the board. Any chance of making this a customisable setting so it can be standardised for non-Virtual Channels too?