Quickly verify commercials for a show

Hi, I have started to verify commercials on some of my kid’s shows so it would properly skip the commercials at the end of an episode and I realized it can be kind of a pain on the current version of the software. You have to go one episode at a time and there isn’t a way to see if you have already verified it until you open the verify interface.

What I am imagining is a show-level control to “verify unverified episodes” that then brings up all the unverified episodes in series and you can quickly go episode by episode without needing to open each individually to get them all verified. That way when new episodes are recorded you don’t need to search for them. There could even be an indicator somewhere like “3 new episodes to verify” or something.

If you use the server's web UI, when you look at a series' page you get a listing of every episode. The tags on the right-hand side will include whether the episode has been verified or not, making it easy to see which ones still need to be checked.

The client interfaces are ill-suited to this type of large-scale work; that is why the web UI was created: for overall management.

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