QVC No Price?

I know this is crazy, but my wife is really into Christmas in July on QVC. When watching the TVE channel 6953 it does not have any price information on the screen, but QVC2 and QVC3 does... so you don’t know how much things are on QVC 6953. When you watch on the computer there’s an option to add or remove that info. Is there a setting I’m missing or is it coming this way without the price from QVC? Again, I know this is crazy!

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There is a special "Display QVC Price" setting buried deep within the Channels settings. Most people don't even know it is there. It is near the auto-translate Klingon setting, if you can find that.

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The Price is being hidden, as to not give users heart attacks!
And to prevent them from speeding all their money on overpriced shopping network items that you can buy at a fraction the cost at Walmart or on Amazon.

Forget it. Thought there might be a display setting from the developer side.

We have noticed the same thing and it's frustrating. We have three QVC channels and the main channel is the only one without pricing. When recording I have noticed that most of the shows will replay on one of the other channels... WITH all of the pricing! So, I either record one of those, look up the item number the host says out loud, or watch it on the QVC app for free.

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It is most likely a difference between the web feed and their broadcast feed. This same situation is seen on CNN: the TVE feed does not display the news ticker at the bottom of the screen, and the "LIVE" badge is missing from the chyron; both of those features are present on the CNN feeds viewed from the Prime.

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OK, thanks for the info and I noticed that on CNN as well. All of these little nuances frustrate me.

Yea. web feeds are different than OTA or Prime Cable Card feeds.
I get shopping networks via OTA antenna fine.
But their TVE versions, some missing things.
Didn't know they added banners and things in post or something.

U can just use their app or website to see prices i guess, look up item number, make it easy i would think.

Do you mean the little thing on the left side of the player which you can expand and collapse? Looks like that's not part of the video, but placed on top of it.. strange.

Fixed in next pre-release build (v2020.06.29.1810)

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Cool! Thanks so much and my wife will be happy, which means I'll be able to keep Channels :slight_smile:

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Curiously, the CNN International feed (6032), which often shows the same programming as CNN (6030), has the news ticker and "LIVE" badge.

Thank you, it works great!

Where do we get the latest build?

Click and hold on the "Check for updates" button. Then you should be updated to v2020.06.29.1810

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