Rams vs Cards game

Using DirecTV Satellite and TVE I am not seeing the game on this Monday (Jan. 17th)

I,ve got the other Wild Cards games scheduled but not seeing this one?


It's showing in my guide on both ABC and ESPN. A simple search for "Rams" brought it forward.

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Guess I’m doing something wrong.

The other games (this Sat and Sun) are showing up
in Scheduled Recordings but not Rams vs Cards on Monday.

The game needs to show in your guide and your pass has to schedule it.
Either it's not in your guide data for Monday afternoon on ABC and ESPN1, or something about the pass you created isn't picking it up.

If you can see it in the guide but the pass isn't working and you can't figure it out, post a screenshot of the advanced view of your pass and someone can help.

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Not seeing the Monday night game in my guide.

I have DirecTV satellite (with ESPN) as one of my sources which is showing ‘TVE via DVR’ displaying 68 channels. Located in 95926.

I think the TVE channel numbers for ESPN are 6140 and 6141
but don’t know how to add them or if they can work with my set up.

What other info can I provide?


You need to update to prerelease and remove/readd DTV source

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Thanks, those last changes worked for me.

Now to re-check out of home (remote) connection.