Random Crash 4.5.12

I’m getting random crashes. When playing a recording or live tv the app just exits to the main Apple TV menu.

Please submit diagnostics from the app in Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics the next time this happens. Please let us know here when you have.

I’ve sent it.

Please try the beta and see if you have the same issues. You can get it here: Channels — Beta Program

Just had a crash a little bit ago on Beta 10.17.2000. Just submitted diagnostics, hope it helps. I’ve been getting some inklings that something on the server side might be triggering these, as I’ve had my Apple TV and iPad apps crash within seconds of each other a couple of times.

I have been having the same issues on ONE of my four devices. Just randomly crashes to Home Screen while in the middle of watching live. No rhyme or reason, and not everyday.

I’ve also experienced this issue. It only seems to occur when video driver is set to Experimental. I had to turn it on for PIP to work properly and ever since I’ve been getting this crash when just watching live TV.