Random crashes

I have noticed if I go to several different streams I get a crash after 4-5. Is there a way around this? Is there a way to enroll server in the beta? I am on android beta (I experienced random crashes on "stable")

What is crashing and where?

The whole app crashes and goes back to the shield main menu from time to time. Is there a good way to log this on logcat?

How do I setup for server beta?

The server won't affect client crashes.

You can update the server to prerelease.

I found some recent crashes from your device. Its deep in the video player, I'm not quite sure what's going on.

What are the steps you're taking to cause this? Just changing channels? From the quick guide?

Can you try with software video decoder to see if it still happens?

I will try with that as well. Yes it was just changing.

It was from a relatively clean shield tv install, not many sideloaded apps.

I'm getting crashes on android tv version on fire stick - whenever i try to play virtual channels - non beta android tv app - beta for server
instant crash
Client 4.4.0

manually installing the android tv beta fixed the issue for me

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