Random Live TV Stops

I am running Channels on a Shield PRO. Somewhere along the way (not sure when it started) while watching Live TV via a TV Everywhere source the app just stops playing the stream and goes back to the guide. Pressing OK/Enter on the remote immediately restores playback. Sometimes I do see in the log where the stream was closed but nothing had been pressed on the remote.

I'm seeing the same problem on all of my Android devices. I came here for this reason. I wanted to see if others were experiencing the issue. I tested on five Sony televisions, four models, and an Nvidia Shield. The problem does not exist on Apple devices, TV, or iPad.

As far as I can tell, the problem only exists on the local channels from either of two HDHomeRuns. Both are attached to separate antennas pointed in different directions. I do not seem to see a problem with the TV anywhere channels.

The HDHomeRun app seems to work problem-free as does using the television tuners. Plex does not experience the problem.