Random micro-pauses on shield


Have been using channels dvr for a few weeks, running it on a 2017 nvidia shield, running server app on my unraid server on a gigabit network..

receiving random pauses while watching tv, basically the pause lower display bar appears for a second , video appears to skip a few frames and then goes back to normal automatically..

there are no problems when using the inferior hdhomerun, or live channels app on my two hdhomerun primes.

other info: running gigabit network, speed to server test results as download 989.03, latency .79, jitter .81. have disabled and enabled surround sound with no change, have enabled and disabled tuner sharing with no change.

have also tested brand new out of the box 2017 nvidia shield with only the channels app installed and problem still occurs.. unraid server is overkill for channels dvr server (dual e5-2690s 16 core with 64 gigs of ram, with 18 TB of free space.

any suggestions would be appreciated,


Can you submit diagnostics from the player settings tab?

What kind of hdhomerun?


Just submitted diagnostics, using 2 hd homerun primes, thanks for any help..


When this happens does the timeline bar show a pause icon or a spinner icon?