Randomly changing to the last channel

Has anyone seen that while watching a channel the channel randomly changes to the last channel watched? This happens maybe once weekly on both of my Onn streaming boxes while the Sofabatton remote sits on the coffee table. I don't have much information from my wife other than the remote is not being used at the time, and the last time it occurred she was watching a virtual channel movie for around 30 minutes before it switched.

Perhaps a storage or memory issue maybe even a random network drop out. A little more info on your setup would be helpful. I would also suggest submitting diagnostics from the player the next time it occurs so the DEVs can take a look.

If the Onn is like the Shield tv, double tapping the play/pause button will tune to last channel. Check the batteries in the remotes and if you don’t use the original Onn remote remove the battery permanently. My guess is that button is wore out or low battery on one of the remotes

Removing the batteries on the original remote and checking the batteries on the Sofabatton is a good suggestion as having two remotes connected to a cheap device could cause conflicts, but this behavior is even weird for that.
Also. I believe that I have a solid environment with the DVR running in Win 10 on an i7 computer with 16 megs of memory. My NAS runs OpenMediaLink with 6 TB of non-raid storage and everything is on a wired gigabit network that reports no errors. Everything runs fast and smooth which is why this random glitch has me wondering if anyone else has seen it. I'll get my wife to let me know the next time it happens so I can submit a diagnostic report.