Rasberry pie android tv 9

Just an FYI android tv 9 for the rpi4 is out and channels runs pretty well on it. Running it with a flirc and old channel master remote. All the functions work like the ts4k but the live button.

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This is great!

This takes me back to the XBMC days of a PI being a holy grail for a client, before streaming boxes were a thing. This is great.

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I just followed instructions in the video and all went well.

Android tv 9

Google play

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Is there a way to duplicate the live button function from the ts4k with flirc in the android tv alpha app.


flirc_util record_api 2 89

Thank you. By the way great job on atv4k. The sofabaton works fantastic. Now I finally got my wife watching the atv4k and she loves it. Thanks for the great support.