Raspberry Pi 4 DVR server - OK to record to a NFS mount on my Synology NAS?

Hi there - I have an older Synology NAS that is a bit too underpowered to run Channels DVR. I recently saw the DVR works on the Raspberry Pi 4, but I don't have a USB drive to connect to it.

My network uses a gigabit switch. Any performance concerns on if I use an NFS mount to record to (I would run the DVR server on my rpi4 but then the storage would happen on the Synology NAS NFS mount). I'm assuming it would be fine as it's using a gigabit connection, but just curious.

Should be fine as long as you don't try to view/recording too many things at once. (I used to use an NFS mount as my DVR storage without problems.)

It should be fine.

I have mounted my Synology on my NUC via NFS and have been seen it work no problem. I have a gigabit switch between them and have observed speeds up to 500mbits/sec between the systems.